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Igbo Teacher 101 - How to use Igbo online course management system

Igbo School is powered by Learntro, a powerful online course management system. In this course, you will learn the various features of the LMS and how to use the platform.

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to the features of Learntro LMS
  • Understanding how to set up a student and an instructor account
  • Understanding how to set up a course category and sub category
  • Understanding how to create a course, course contents and quizzes
  • Understanding how to use the system and other course management tools


  • Learntro is a powerful online course management system (LMS), designed to make it possible for anyone to teach or learn anything they want online. In this short course, you will see Learntro from the student perspective. You will learn the various features of the LMS and how to use the platform. The goal is to make it easier for you to navigate the system, which is already very user-friendly.


You do not need any prior knowledge in the topics in order to take this course.

Course Content

Welcome to Learntro - How to search and view courses
preview 4:34min
How to create and verify a user account
preview 3:14min
How to register in a course and access it
preview 6:08min
How to become an instructor
preview 4:20min
Update instructor profile and set up your payment methods
How to create a course on Learntro
How to add lessons and course contents to your course
Wrap-up and how to add quizzes to your course

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Dr. Chidi Igwe is an assistant professor of French language and linguistics and a research communications strategist at the University of Regina, Canada. He has been teaching Igbo on various online platforms including the Igbo School since 2009.