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  1. Birth, marriage and death rituals and ceremonies
  2. Language, literature and folklore
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Engineering and Entrepreneurship
  5. Medicine and Health Matters
  6. Wealth-building in Igboland
  7. Igbo religion and beliefs
  8. Music, visual arts, Nollywood and songs
  9. Numbers, numerology and symbolism
  10. Igbo masks, masquerades and their relevance
  11. Land tenure and settler issues in the Igbo heartland
  12. Climate change and environmental degradation
  13. The Igbo and selfhood
  14. The Igbo family, clan and community
  15. Igbo architecture, house and home
  16. The relevance of the ‘dibia’ in the Igbo community
  17. Ideology, materialism and development
  18. Igbo origins and history
  19. Violence, terrorism and war
  20. Indigenous feminisms and views on gender
  21. Spirits, genii and bogeymen in Igbo culture
  22. Ancestors, the living and the living dead
  23. Law, justice and jurisprudence in Igbo traditions
  24. Title taking and its relevance
  25. The caste system and the free born in Igboland
  26. Ethnic squabbles and conflict resolution
  27. Perspectives on violence and war in Igbo worldview
  28. Investment opportunities in Igboland
  29. Myths, legends and fairy tales in Igboland
  30. Igbo religions, Christianity and Islam

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Igbo, a language of over thirty million native speakers living predominantly in South-Eastern Nigeria, and which, due to immigration, now has a significant native-speaker representation in North America, is categorized as an endangered language due to sociolinguistic factors resulting in decreasing native-speaker competence. In North America and everywhere else where Igbo is spoken, modern professional families often have neither time nor the knowledge of the oral traditions to transfer to their children. We are stepping in to provide an avenue for the Igbo child/family to learn language, values, customs, ethics, etc., through media contents such as video lessons, cartoons and folktales.

This collaborative and interdisciplinary project focuses on preserving the Igbo language, which, according to the UNESCO and endangered language scholars, will be extinct in 50 years. This website is designed to be a Learning Management System, and an online language centre where adults can access video lessons and animations; young learners, cartoons and animated videos; and parents, cartoons and language tools to teach Igbo to their children.