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Instructor Revenue Share

There is no fee to create and list your courses on Igbo School online course management system. You can list your course as free or paid. We build opportunities for a mutually beneficial partnership with Igbo School instructors.

Instructor Revenue Share Overview

Below is our revenue sharing model. Please note that this sharing model applies to Net Revenue, which is the exact amount received after sales taxes and fees to third party financial institutions such as banks and PayPal have been deducted.

60/20/20 Revenue Share: As an Instructor, you receive 60 per cent of the Net Revenue of every paid enrollment in your course and Igbo School receives 20 per cent. Igbo School sets aside 20 per cent to pay for logistics, cloud and server maintainance, advertising costs and publicity campaigns that help us drive traffic to the platform and attract potential students to your courses.

Revenue Reporting

As an instructor, you can track all incoming sales in your Revenue Report section of the Instructor Admin Dashboard.